Alonso vs San Jose EarthquakesGARBAGE! That is about how I would describe tonight’s match between San Jose and the Sounders FC. From the terrible call that led to the Earthquake penalty kick to the way the Sounders played. Not to mention the 0-1 loss.

How much love loss is possible within a 2 week time frame? I’ll tell you one thing… soccer brings such a drastic range of emotions. In their season opener vs Toronto FC it looked like the boys could do no wrong. In the first 75 minutes of tonight’s match they could do no right. They looked AWFUL. No possession, they couldn’t win the 50/50 balls and for goodness sake could one of you make a good quality clear on defense?

They turned up the heat in the last 20 minutes or so, but that is expected when your opponent is simply trying to hold on to the victory and putting 10 men permanently behind the ball.

Montero vs EarthquakesLet me ask you something… Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone on the front line that played with some aggression? Even though I wanted to jump through my screen and rip all his ugly hair out Steven Lenhart played like a beast tonight. Our front line is passive, which is their style and that is fine, but the way Lenhart played tonight was the difference maker in why the Earthquake won the match.

Even though, in my opinion, the pk that was given was a terrible call it was Lenhart that drew the whistle. He seemed to be everywhere when the ball came into the Earthquake 3rd and aggressive. I am a big Fredy fan, but we need someone up top that has the ability to be that aggressive and get under the skin of the opposing teams defense (and Fans).

Now to the disgusting foul that was called in the box. I HATE when matches are decided by the refs, and this match was. Even though I do not think the Sounders would have deserved a W with their play tonight the match should have ended in a draw. The penalty that led to the Earthquake goal was given away from the ball and made on a challenge that would not have been called in open play. It actually looked like Lenhart flopped, but still managed to get the call even though the ball was 20 yards away.

I’m fired up about this match tonight. On one hand we did not play well, on the other hand we played just well enough to earn a draw, but got ‘Seahawked’ by the ref.

And will someone tell Sammy Ochoa that he should probably start getting back in shape for the season before like a week ago. The dude looked SSSLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW. Maybe he pounded a top pot doughnut before coming in the match… I don’t know.

Montero vs San Jose Earthquakes